From One Man’s Vision and Courage.

Starting with 5,000 USD and a Dream in 2006 Michael Vetter followed a long and challenging road that led to immigration into the land of opportunity 9 years later. GoJump America was born in Oceanside, California, on October 1, 2015.

From just three tandem skydiving bookings on his opening weekend, GoJump America evolved into a loved and trusted brand across North America. As of 2023, we are creating more than 40,000 tandem skydiving smiles annually and supporting countless dreamers through our athlete sponsorship program

The GoJump America Story.

Dive into the story behind GoJump America with the release of "Vision and Courage' on December 15, 2023. Penned by our CEO and Founder Michael Vetter-a 12-time National Champion and father of four-this book takes you on a journey from personal loss of his own father at 12 to building a 15 million USD Tandem Skydive Operation that spans 2,500 miles from Las Vegas to Honolulu.

Available in both English and German, 'Vision and Courage' explores how ancient Chinese Tao philosophy can help manifest a dream into reality. Pre-orders are now available for delivery in the second half of December 2023.

Interview with Mike Vetter about his book

The great discovery is when you realize that consciousness is it

-Alan Watts, English Philosopher