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We are experienced, energetic and have the best toys in the business. Brand new purpose built skydiving aircraft, the latest in parachute technology and the perfect location right outside Las Vegas.

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Wait for when she says 🗣 “THIS IS AWESOME!”
We couldn’t agree more👏 The moment you step into the breeze you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t book a Las Vegas skydive sooner😍 We can’t wait to jump with you at 15,000 feet!🪂

When in Vegas… feel the breeze!🙌
May your upcoming weekend be as magical as this FEELING and these VIEWS😍
GOOD NEWS! We still have reservations available throughout the weekend (and Monday)👏
We can’t wait to jump with you! Reserve your Las Vegas skydive today🪂
📞 702-900-4000
📲 GoJump-America.com (link in bio)

The moment you realize you should’ve booked your skydive a LONG time ago…👀
👉 The most common reaction we hear from a first-time jumper is, “That was the best experience of my life!”
The pure bliss and happiness that comes from a skydive is hard to put into words, but we guarantee you’ll want to go right back up the moment your feet gently return to the ground😎
When are you going to feel the breeze with us?!🪂

We 🧡 SUNRISE skydives!
Like this photo when you spot the full moon🌖
Another beautiful weekend at GoJump Las Vegas! It really doesn’t get much better than this😍
For our friends with busy weekend schedules, we are open Thursday - Monday. Feel the breeze with us to discover your new favorite summertime activity in Las Vegas!🪂

A very special 92ND BIRTHDAY celebration!🥳
This past weekend, our Oceanside team had the honor of taking Joe Wythoff on an ocean view skydive for his 92nd birthday! These are the kind of stories that will be passed down for many generations🙌

👉When it comes to enjoying the pure bliss of skydiving, you don’t have to worry about your age being a limitation- unless you’re under 18. Jumping alongside the Pacific Ocean is a memorable activity almost everyone in the family can enjoy!💙
Call your parents, grandparents, and even your GREAT grandparents and tell them it’s time to #FeelTheBreeze !🪂

Our skydivers

We Love Our Customers

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About GoJump America

GoJump was born in Oceanside California with the over riding ambition to give the safest Skydiving experiences in the most wonderful locations. In Oceanside we serve the San Diego and Los Angeles Area aswell as further afield.

Once we were happily completing 25000 Tandem Skydives in Oceanside annually with excellent feedback from our valued customers we decided to spread our wings.

We now have locations in Santa Cruz and Las Vegas where we offer the same great Adventure to all customers who want to go skydiving.


Welcome to GoJump America.

See what’s happening skydiving with GoJump Our Skies

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GoJump Las Vegas is the only Skydiving company in Las Vegas:

  • With large capacity aircraft. ( We fly 8 tandems in one flight )
  • With modern aircraft that quickly climb to 15,000ft!