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We are experienced, energetic and have the best toys in the business. Brand new purpose built skydiving aircraft, the latest in parachute technology and the perfect location right outside Las Vegas.

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It’s all about perspective. Come see the Beautiful high desert from high above! ☁️🏜 ...

What a crazy ride 2020 has been huh?? We cannot thank the thousands of you enough that have supported us across all our locations through these very difficult times. We hope we have been able to bring joy and happiness, even if only for a few minutes, to all of you that have joined us in the beautiful blue skies this year. Please help us continue the journey into 2021 and beyond! We love you all! 🧡🙏🪂💙 ...

Ever had a year so crazy you just wanna scream as loud as you can while falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour?!? Yeah us too! Come do that with us! 😜 We are open all through the New Year at our @gojumpvegas & @gojumpamerica locations! ...

Now is the perfect time to get a GoJump gift card and save! Give the gift of the beautiful Blue Skies to a loved one or even yourself this holiday! Link in our bio or give us a call! ...

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About GoJump America

GoJump was born in Oceanside California with the over riding ambition to give the safest Skydiving experiences in the most wonderful locations. In Oceanside we serve the San Diego and Los Angeles Area aswell as further afield.

Once we were happily completing 25000 Tandem Skydives in Oceanside annually with excellent feedback from our valued customers we decided to spread our wings.

We now have locations in Santa Cruz and Las Vegas where we offer the same great Adventure to all customers in the San Francisco and Las Vegas area.

Where we will be able to offer the same great Adventure to all customers in the San Diego/Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas area.


Welcome to GoJump America.

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