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A Unique


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Let GoJump take care of the details for you.

Each Engagaement package includes:

  • 2 x VIP Oceanview Skydives
  • 18,000ft. Highest Skydive in USA.
  • HD skydiving photos & videos.
  • A large “Will you marry me” banner.
  • A bouquet of flowers.
  • A special gift for two.

Price: $980.00

Tandem for Two & Inside Photo & Video

Show her a romantic adventure with 2 tandem skydives.

Our GoJump team will be in the know from check in to landing and quietly help support all the logistics. The inside photo and videos are professionally edited photos and videos of your experience with footage taken from a camera mounted on the hand of your tandem master.

Designer Choice Floral Bouquet

This lovely bouquet of flower is the perfect accompaniment engagement.

A designer choice bouquet which comes with a vase to take your flowers with you when you go.

Talk To Ceara

Our events specialist who will take you though the perfect skydiving marriage proposal.